Dear member of the AAFCP:

Within the Member Portal, you may now update your contact information in the Academy’s records. In order to ensure that your contact information is secure, we have implemented the use of passwords for this functionality.

You will still access the main Member Portal using the universal password m3mb3rs. Then, in order to update your contact information, click on the My Member Profile button on the right. Log in using your e-mail address and password.

If you do not know your password, please e-mail

Please use this direct link to log in now and change your password to something that you will remember.

You may have noticed that we now have a searchable Member Directory. Please note that your contact information will not immediately update to the Member Directory as they are not tied together in real time. The Member Directory will be updated periodically to reflect the latest changes.

If you have difficulty or questions about these changes, please reply to this e-mail or send a message to

Thank you!