Dear Member of the AAFCP,

As your President, I wanted to share with you the following information:

  • Several members have spoken to me about the importance of reaching out to others that may not always share our values. We need to do more than just “preach to the choir”.  I agree.  We have great news and knowledge to share in the areas of women’s health and rights, and we need to be courageous and engage others in a respectful dialogue.  There are challenging situations out there: encouraging self-respect and chastity in sexually active teenagers; appropriate help for cohabitating couples with gynecologic/reproductive issues (which may include infertility); getting accurate information about natural family planning into organizations like Planned Parenthood where millions of women go for advice on family planning.  We need to be strong in what we stand for but we don’t want to give the impression that we will not dialogue with or provide information to other individuals or organizations if they don’t share our values and beliefs.
  • I have received several questions/concerns regarding the registration cost of our Annual meeting. There are significant costs involved with the running our Annual meeting.  This year, we attempted to plan the meeting in a manner that would be budget neutral. (Meeting cost=meeting revenues).  I want to remind everyone that Active Members who register for the Annual meeting receive a $50 rebate (which decreases their net registration cost).  Members can also decrease their cost for the Annual meeting through the Sponsorship opportunities that are available.  And after saying all that, since our financial position has improved, we will look at ways that we can make our future annual meetings more affordable for our members
  • At our Annual Meeting, all members will be able to purchase a completed set of talks on CD’s for $50! (non-members=$100)
  • We appreciate all of our members paying the annual dues in a timely manner

I look forward to seeing many of you at Notre Dame for a great experience of learning, networking, growth, encouragement, and fun.  For those who won’t be able to attend our Annual meeting, I will make sure that you have the opportunity to access and learn from the information that will be shared through our web site (PowerPoint of talks will be posted for all members to access after the conference) and audio CD’s for purchase at a reasonable price.

Thanks for all you do & feel free to write me with questions or comments.

Peter Danis, MD, CFCMC
President AAFCP