Thank you Dr Danis.

 The Academy is one part of a vital mission – our three organizations the PPVI Institute, the FCCA & FCCI, and the AAFCP – are inextricable in their nature – and in that nature of oneness continue to be the shining light in building a culture of life.


Academy members  – the board is at your service. Our educational goal is to invest our energy in moral and ethical evidence-based best practices in line with PPVI Institute’s research, then make it available to you. Your board members possess various educational backgrounds with a wealth of resources and willing to put time and effort to bridge that gap some of our members express.

I love this organization and I plan to continue the meritorious efforts initiated by our now Immediate Past President Dr. Danis’ promises as highlighted in his addresses found online using the spiritual and iconic image of a seamless garment. Dr Danis also focused on exploring our members’ most urgent needs and discovering solutions to fill those needs.

However, we need input! What is your most urgent need? I have yet to meet a FC professional who is a couch potato. I am certain most FC professionals’ motto is first in – last out. We encourage ongoing communication as an essential element for us to stay alert to the applicable scientific research framed within the proper moral and ethical boundaries. As Fertility Appreciation teachers, the scientific principles must be true to the CrM’s 40+ years of instructions and protocols.

A few examples of recent requests of resources is how to build a business model, how do I request funding to attend the AM, how to submit ICD-10 receipts, how do I advertise on a time-restricted or a shoe-string budget.

The board’s primordial outreach is to expand our resources for all members especially targeting those who successfully finish the program, yet struggle in locating local support.

In order for improvement, we turn to our members – consider investing your time, talent or treasure to assure the Creighton Model System and NaProTECHNOLOGY become accepted as a vibrant and vital part of all communities. I invite you to contact me – the door is open – knock – we are waiting to hear your ideas.

I invite you to visit, our emails are listed – the lines of communication are open.

Academy members, thank you for your trust and confidence as your new President.