Greetings to each of you and thank you taking the time and putting all other matters aside to be present together here. Be sure to sign in daily for continuing education. Planning for your historic visit to Normandy Farm for almost three years. Please enjoy the grounds while networking with great colleagues new and loyal to create lasting relationships. We have about 120 here today and about 20 interested in learning about FC/NaPro on Saturday. 6 International voting members

This year our Annual Meeting has been awarded 18 hours ANA Massachusetts and 16.75 AAFA.

My first point….

This year’s theme is Freedom Realized and like those who fought for freedom centuries ago —-Creighton Model gave voice to what God wrote on our hearts and in our minds. Prior to the CrM itself, clients/patients had obstacles in choices for true healthcare. Before CrM, family planning did not have a universal healthcare language that’s goal was a comprehensive healthcare plan and freedom could not be realized.

Going forward to simplify I will discuss clients/patients as just clients.

Driving around this historic area of the country – brings images from our grade school and high school history lessons and points to the historical fact that others sacrificed for our freedom. We all certainly recall from our history lessons when Patrick Henry gave his clarion call “give me liberty or give me death.” Today we echo Creighton’s battle cry so that every woman knows the “Culture of Life in Women’s HealthCare.”

Like those images that come to mind, we too recall Creighton’s beginnings and we ourselves convey the 1968 declaration from Dr. Hilgers – I will not use contraception – after reading HV which was the impetus to why we do. Dr. Hilgers we are grateful for that sacrifice so we can be who we are for others.

And like revolutionaries from centuries ago, CrM has stirred the female healthcare field like never before.

Creighton’s success internationally is because of our standardization – its dynamic – interpersonal – educational model. Given its HV origin and specialized interest — which are our clients – our centers report a high degree of satisfaction and confidence.

Like the word freedom draws our mind’s eye to the Liberty Bell, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System has become synonymous with just saying – Creighton – and all the dots point to Dr. Hilgers and the co-developers. When Creighton is spoken of people know the implication of the sacrifice and the virtues – needed – to live HV in a medical practice setting.

Like those who fought for freedom, the reason was in the – why – our clients know why we do what we do, they may also adapt to the what and how of the charting system, but it is in the why – HV – let’s not forget — our model is personal and designed to walk along with our clients.

Between all authentic professional, ethical and moral models and clients are the HV bridge. HV allows the couple to encounter truth and living out their married life in line with their values.

Our clients see and hear the mission in our actions and voice. There is a universal clarity in the way we speak. On opposite ends are – HV and contraception. It is contraception that has been the great enigma of injustice for women, marriages, and families.

My second point —-

When I first met Creighton in 2006, I connected the Academy’s mission and purpose in a letter I had read years earlier called “Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women.” He starts his 1995 letter “I greet you all most cordially women throughout the world! He thanks women 7 times in this short letter and as I sat in class I couldn’t help but see the similarities with the CrMS.

In the letter, he states “Women’s dignity has often been unacknowledged, and their prerogatives misrepresented; they have often been relegated to the margins of society and even reduced to servitude.”

Like Pope JPII wanted his message to ripple out to all women – our FCC is like an epicenter of an earthquake creating ripples around us. While the large earthquake may be centered in Omaha, we are creating business leaders in these “epicenters” (FCC) who make big impacts in their community. Like in Horton hears who” –A FCC is a FCC no matter how small. Some FCC create more ripples than others, but we have equal meaning. Each FCC can impact its surroundings. Each Practitioner while living vocation first – has the tools to handle the rumblings because of Creighton’s infrastructure. We can do this!

We in Creighton, live this mission daily when we teach — it is the pearl of great price – our magnum opus.

At the end of Pope John Paul II’s letter, he gave a blessing “May Mary, Queen of Love, watch over women and their mission in service of humanity, of peace, of the spread of God’s Kingdom!”

Creighton echoes that message and is seen when Practitioners teach God’s design of how the body works. Practitioners’ mission of service is because we are moved with compassion.

We teach because we believe in the why in what we do. We don’t teach because we have a perfect 12-point business plan as our driving force.

Every aspect of Creighton is built on a belief and those who learn Creighton and become a loyal user do so because they possess a shared value and a shared belief.

As a student, the end goal takes us through a sweet journey. At first, we focus on meeting the criteria to take the Final Exam, then transition from a Student Member to apply for Associate Membership, then certify through the Academy, while simultaneously applying to become an affiliate with the FCCA. All of our energies are streamlined because we understand – the why – the mission – the purpose – the belief – we invest our hard-earned money because we share values.

Those who can articulate questions professionally understand that the nature of finding answers and those solutions take time.

In Creighton, we believe in challenging the culture. Creighton didn’t just happen. The beginning of its genesis of a natural system is because the Co-developers had a belief system, a shared value, a focus. Inspired leaders know why they do what they do. Being a leader within an organization – regardless of their size — regardless of their industry – all think and act and communicate from the why.

Most, if not all, understand that mission and that purpose. To tell the truth, that’s what is attractive to us. At times we can get distracted by the what which in our case can be the charting – the paper chart versus the FC app. At times we can be tempted to make that the point of the discussion. Yet the real discussion is why we do what we do. We have been trained and will be transition our teaching of clients who want to transfer to the FC app because we have internalized the why.

Have a focus. In the world of business formulas, it is told to teach 100% of a small market is better than 1% of a large market in other words – having loyal customers is the place to be – having clients who advertise for you elevates us to know that Creighton Model has changed someone’s life. Having cursory clients who only intrigued become frustrated easily. We discuss in the marketing world of Cr’s strength is its allied force and focus driven. If Creighton were like 100 other products – it would have a 1 out of a 100 chance of being selected.

Creighton is a model of teaching that focuses on a big purpose and does it well. The training is worth the effort with great emphasis on the human person. Those who aren’t members I invite you to get on board the message continues to spread locally and abroad.

Now we can surf the app store for an app or search online for information about women’s healthcare, what is not always brought to light – is the available information — involve a critical thinking process. Is that information good, true, and beautiful? The fact of the matter is we all can attest from what we hear from our clients who use an app or finds information online is that it is not matched by assurances of its quality. However, Creighton’s strength and unique marketing strategy is our quality assurance – is simple – word of mouth. By teaching in a standardization format, Creighton is building great teams! The Academy’s matrix for quality assurance is in our education, certification, leadership, and research. We know how to measure the metrics – client satisfaction and confidence ratings and strength of conviction in using the system according to their intention. Clients who refer others to us recommend us – because – what they believe is Creighton/NaPro is the best. Practitioners turn to the Academy to refine their skills. After the AM the FCP returns the FCC and the word spreads and spreads even internationally.

I remember a time when I thought the Academy’s structure was – us and them – as I become more involved in the Academy, it was just my perception and my vision broadened and the reality is Creighton is – us and us – or just us.

Creighton raises the bar in its teaching. Each Practitioner communicates Creighton’s principles not just in our centers but imbibes those principles in their everyday life.

Some promises to my fellow colleague – stay in tune with the mission and I will recount what President George Washington recommended in his 1796 Farewell Address, he recommended that his fellow countrymen avoid “alliances, attachments, and intrigues” because they don’t promise liberty.

It has been my pleasure to serve you for the last four years, I will continue for the next two years as IPP.

Ladies and gentlemen, we discuss menstrual cycles as a mystery – my fellow colleagues may you imitate the mystery that you celebrate in your FCC.

Long live this Academy as our incorporators intended!

Now for our speaker….Damon Owen