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Phone: 402-489-3733
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Each member of the AAFCP is required to read and understand the complete code of ethics of our Academy. The AAFCP code of ethics full text can be found on our website and includes detailed information on the conduct expected of members of the academy. Please read the following nine statements which act as a summary to our full code of ethics pledge and check the agree box to complete your membership (renewal/application):
  1. To respect the dignity and welfare of each individual with whom I associate in the practice of the profession.
  2. To display a respect for the value and dignity of human life from fertilization (conception) through natural death.
  3. To comply with Academy policies governing the practice of the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System and NaProTechnology®.
  4. To accept responsibility for the exercise of professional judgment.
  5. To maintain my professional practice and adherence to the ethical principles of the Academy in preference over conflicting employment or business practices.
  6. To seek no more than reasonable, deserved, and fiscally sound remuneration for services.
  7. To provide accurate information to the consumer about the profession and services offered.
  8. To conduct myself in all affairs so as to avoid discredit to the Academy and the profession.
  9. To give loyalty and support to the Academy in its efforts to achieve its purposes.