Council, Commissions & Committees

Council and Commissions

The Commission on Accreditation of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professional is composed of three to five members who have specific expertise in the educational component of FertilityCare education. While the Chairman is a certified FertilityCare Educator and an Active member of the Academy in good standing, the remaining Commissioners are Certified FertilityCare Educators, Supervisors or Practitioners who are also Active members of the Academy in good standing. The Commissioners are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Academy or the Commission.

The primary responsibility of this Commission is to implement the Standards for Accreditation and Renewal of Accreditation of Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Education Programs. The COA shall receive and review applications for accreditation from education programs. Accredited education programs will be in a directory with the classifications of accreditation identified. The COA will also make available to the public current information regarding the criteria for accreditation and operation of the COA. Also they will provide mentoring for new educational programs and annual meeting updates for educators and program directors.

Members of Commission on Accreditation:
Chair: Angelique Garcia, CFCE
Alia Keys, BA, CFCE 
Kathy Rivet, CFCE Kathy Blascyk, CFCP Margaret Neale, CFCE

Last updated: 12/23/20

This Commission is composed of five to seven Commissioners who promote Certification and implement the Standards for Initial Certification and Renewal of Certification. The Application Reviewers review the applications. The Case Reviewers review and evaluate the cases which are submitted as a part of the application process. All the Commissioners vote to grant or deny certification to the applicants. The Commission Chairman reviews the work of the Commissioners, chairs the meetings and submits reports to the President of the Academy. There are four Panel Case Reviewers who review cases for the Commission. They are not members of the Commission.

Members of the Commission on Certification:
Chair: Alicia Crete, CFCP, CFCE

AA to the COC
Michele Chambers, CFCP
Application Reviewers
Alicia Crete, CFCE
Becky Knapp, CFCE
Marilyn Wachs, CFCP
Jenny Craft, CFCP

Certification promotion
Shirelle Edghill, CFCP

Case Reviewers
Ewa Jurczk, CFCE
Becky Knapp, CFCE
Margaret Neale, CFCE Theresa Schortgen, CFCE Jeanne Stoll, CFCE
Jeanice Vinduska, CFCE
Phyllis White, CFCE

FCMC Subcommittee
Chair Gretchen Marsh, CFCMC
Elizabeth Tham, CFCMC
Debra Gramlich, CFCMC

Last updated: 12/23/2020

The Commission on FertilityCare Centers of Excellence for the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals is responsible for implementing the standards for the approval and renewal of Creighton Model FertilityCare Service Programs. This includes processing and reviewing applications, granting approval, promoting and educating on FertilityCare Centers of Excellence approval and keeping the Board of Directors and membership informed of the status of programs and of the Commission’s activities. These tasks will not be subject to review by the Board of Directors and all reports will be sent to the President of the Academy. Policies and procedures, job descriptions, changes in the standards, application evaluation process, and budget and fee schedules require approval of the Board of Directors. The Board also serves as an appeal board. The Commission on FertilityCare Centers of Excellence is composed of three to five members of the Academy in good standing, with the majority being FertilityCare Practitioners, as Commissioners. All terms are three years or until a successor is appointed. No more than three consecutive terms may be served. The Chairman must be a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner, Supervisor or Educator.

Members of Commission on FertilityCare Centers of Excellence:
Chair: Christy Shoen, CFCE 
Kathy Hirkala, CFCE
Linda Mackenzie, CFCP

Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Council on Quality Assurance of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals has been established to be of specific service to the Academy through the Board of Directors. The Council gives consultation and advice to the Board of Directors on significant Academy issues. It provides continuity, tradition, history experience and long term focus. The Council reports directly to the Board of Directors, and the board may refer any significant issues to the Council for their review and input. The Council reviews the Standards and any proposed changes to the Standards.

The Council on Quality Assurance is composed of four to five members. These include the Vice President for Ethics and Standards, one Active Member of the Academy in good standing elected by the membership, who has experience with Academy Bylaws, Ethics or Commissions. Other members, who will be appointed by the Board of Directors include: a past member of the Incorporating Board, a past President of the Academy and a past member of the AD Hoc Committee for the Study of Commissions.

The Vice President for Ethics and Standards serves on the Council while holding that office. The Chairman is appointed for a two year term. The other members serve four year terms with no more than two consecutive terms to be served.

Members of Commission on Quality Assurance:
Dr. Jean Golden-Tevald - Chair
Sr. Candace Fier, MTS, RN, BSN, CFCE- VP for Ethics and Standards
Paul Kortz, RN, MSN, CFCE 
Diane Daly, RN, CFCP, CFCE

In addition:

The Council shall include one Voting Member in good standing who has been a Voting Member for at least 10 years, as well as one past member of the Commission for Certification.

Last updated: 2/20/2020

Chair: Member of St. Pope Paul VI Institute

President of the Academy


This Commission is being developed.

Last updated: 8/10/2019


The Awards Committee solicits nominations from the membership for five annual awards, the Honorary Award, the Outstanding FertilityCare Practitioner Award, the Outstanding Medical Consultant Award, the Hall of Fame Award and the FertilityCare of Excellence Award. The awards are intended to recognize leaders and outstanding people in the field of Creighton Model FertilityCare, NaProTECHNOLOGY, natural family planning and other allied fields in education, service and/or research.

The call goes out on the AAFCP website each year for nominations of individuals to receive the awards. Information is gathered on the nominee’s background and the rationale to support the nominations. The Awards Committee reviews the applications to determine if the criteria is met and submits their recommendations accordingly to the Board for a final decision. Awards are presented by the Committee members and hosted by the Chairman of this committee at the annual business meeting or final banquet at the annual meeting. Committee consists of 4-5 active members of the Academy. They will serve a three year term.

Members of Awards Committee:
Chair: Erin Donley, CFCP
Elisabeth Laskowski, BS, CFCP
Anne Marie St Germain, BA, CFCE
Ayodele Shonubi, CFCP, CFCE
Christine Cimo Hemphill, CFCMC

Michele Chambers, CFCP

Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Bylaws Committee receives recommendations for amendments to the Bylaws from members and/or the Board of Directors. These proposed amendments are processed by the Bylaws Committee. All legal and ethical issues of the amendments are reviewed as well as their ramifications for the Academy with regard for the tradition and purpose of the Academy. The amendments are then sent to the Board with the recommendation for approval or disapproval. The Board of Directors makes the final decision regarding the amendments. The Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws on a yearly basis.

Members of Bylaws Committee

Chair: Dr. Christine Cimo Hemphill as President-Elect
Sr. Candace Fier, MTS, RN, BSN, CFCE
Kathy Blascyk, CFCP
Last updated: 12/23/2020

The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for promoting continuing education in Creighton Model FertilityCare Services and related topics to the Academy membership and coordinating and developing continuing education activities and resources. The greatest portion of the committee’s time and energy is directed to the Academy’s Annual Meeting. The committee works with the Board of Directors to organize the program for each annual meeting, submits applications for nursing and physician continuing education credits, contacts meeting speakers, monitors attendance at sessions of the annual meeting and tabulates attendees’ evaluations. The Continuing Education hosts webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics valuable to the FertilityCare Professionals. The Committee also gives approval of non-academy sponsored education programs to receive continuing education credits from the Academy. 

Members of Continuing Education Committee:
Chair: Anne Marie St. Germain, CFCE
Nurse Planner:
Michelle Rogers, RN, BSN, CFCP Kristin Blanchard, CFCP
Donna Kramer, CFCP
Lindy Meyer, CFCP
Mary Shurk, CFCP

Rob Chasuk, MD, CFCMC – Science and Research
Alicia Crete, CFCE – Commission on Certification

Last updated: 12/23/2020

The Ethics Committee of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals interprets the Code of Ethics. The Committee interprets, coordinates revisions of the Code of Ethics and internally and externally promotes the Code of Ethics.

The process has been developed for a confidential investigation of alleged violations and written interpretation provided to the Board of Directors. The Committee reviews all standards and official positions of the Academy to be certain they adhere to the Code of Ethics and works in cooperation with other committees as necessary.

Members of Ethics Committee:
Chair: Sr. Candace Fier, MTS, RN, BSN, CFCE 

Alicia Crete, CFCE, Chair Commission on Certification Lindy Meyer, CFCP, VP for Membership
Kathy Blascyk, CFCP
Mary Marquis, CFCP

Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Fiscal Development Committee works to maintain fiscal stability of the Academy. This involves working on the budget, monitoring revenues and expenses, and fundraising. Donations of time, talents, and services have saved the Academy many thousands of dollars. The committee consistently investigates and prioritizes projects, activities and equipment in order to best utilize our funds.
This committee is not active at this time but if you have an interest in Fiscal Development please contact the Financial Officer for more information about how to become involved!

Members of the Fiscal Development Committee:
Jamie Hobor, CFCP, as Financial Officer
Dr Christine Cimo Hemphill, as President Elect
Up to five (5) additional members who are not necessarily members of the Academy.

Last updated: 7/25/2019

The Membership Committee processes all applications for Academy Membership. For each Board Meeting, the Committee reviews the names of applicants by email. The purpose of the membership committee is to approve new memberships and support membership retention. The committee meets by conference call quarterly or as needed to discuss membership issues. Committee members help the VP for Membership by coordinating with education programs for student membership, assist in finding correct contact information for members, and voting on active memberships. Members of this committee must be active members of the Academy in good standing. The VP for Membership is responsible for keeping records of membership, dues payments, and ongoing membership retention and development.

Members of the Membership Committee:
Chair: Lindy Meyer, CFCP
Jennifer Mokos, CFCP


Last updated: 11/3/2020

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to seek candidates, prepare a slate, and conduct the election of Active Members in good standing to the Board of Directors. This is done in accordance with the Academy Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. This work begins in January with the nomination process and is completed with the election of officers at the Annual Meeting.

Nominating Committee Map

Members of the Nominating Committee: Interim Chair: Lindy Meyer, CFCP/VP for Membership Sally Zaleski, CFCP/VP for Planning and Development Margaret Howard (Regions 1-5) 2nd year Nancy McGrath (Regions 1-5) 1st year Susan Gloss (Regions 6-9) 2nd year Michelle Rogers (Regions 6-9) 1st year

Last updated: 6/14/2021

The Planning and Development Committee develops a Three Year Plan for the Academy and reviews and updates the plan yearly. The plan is a blue print for goals, activities and projects of the Academy. The Committee oversees the Annual Meeting design, sites and Site Host selection. The Committee identifies, recruits, and prepares future leadership of the Academy.

Members of the Planning and Development Committee:
Chair: Sally Zaleski, VP for Planning and Development
Officers of the Academy
Immediate Past President.

Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Program Committee coordinates all the activities of the Annual Meeting. The Committee finds a hotel which will accommodate the Annual Academy Meeting; reasonable prices, moderate size with adequate meeting rooms, high quality, and consideration of transportation (parking/shuttles) are important factors. The Site Host contacts local speakers to refer to the Continuing Education Committee. The Site Host finds clergy to be available for the meeting and local people to volunteer to help during the meeting. Meals are arranged for committees and for the whole group for speaking events or celebrations. Funding is sought in the local community to defray some of the costs for breaks. The Vice President for Planning and Development, as the Chairman of the Committee, guides the whole process. There is great satisfaction for a successful meeting and a job well done. The Annual Meeting brings to the location a great deal of promotion and publicity.

Members of the Program Committee:
Chair: Sally Zaleski, VP for Planning and Development
Christine Cimo Hemphill, President-Elect
Jamie Hobor, Financial Officer
Lindy Meyer, VP for Membership
Michele Chambers, Acting Public Relations Chair
Brigitte Diemad, Publications Chair
Nora Ponder, Site Host, 2021
Joanne Mercer, Site Host 2022
Anne Marie St. Germain, Continuing Education Chair

Last updated: 6/14/2021

The Publications Committee is responsible for the preparation and publishing of brochures, promotional materials for the Annual Meeting and the Annual Meeting program books. The program book is organized with Academy information, program schedules, membership lists, and sponsor messages. These are prepared and sent to the printer, including both the program book and the annual business meeting book. The quarterly newsletter and website are managed by the committee. This committee also works with the sponsor message coordinator.

Members of the Publications Committee:
Brigitte Diemand, CFCS, CFCP

Dr. Christine Cimo Hemphill, President-Elect
Michele Chambers, President
Paul Kortz, RN, MSN, CFCE
Sr. Candace Fier, CFCP, CFCE, RN, MSN

Newsletter Editor ~ 
Alice Wheeler, FCP

Gerianne Jensen, CFCP
Heather Kalamarides, FCP
Paul Kortz, RN, MSN, CFCE
Kim Lane, RN, BSN, CFCP
Gladys Mireya Castro Munoz, FCP
Maria Adela Colacelli, CFCP

Website Coordinator ~ Michelle Parrish, FCP


Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Public Relations Committee provides effective public relations and publicity for the Academy and its programs. The PR Committee creates promotional materials used by the Academy at various functions and is responsible for announcements, press releases, invitations and photography for the Annual Meeting. PR members seek out new avenues to promote the Annual Meeting and work closely with the site host, publications committee, and website coordinators, as well as acting as liaison with other professional organizations.

The Sponsor Message Campaign is also coordinated by the PR Committee. Anyone with an interest in writing and promotion is encouraged and welcome to join the PR Committee.

Members of the Public Relations Committee:
Chair: Michele Chambers, CFCP – Acting Chair

Exhibitor Coordinator: Patricia Deshane, CRCP
Lindy Meyer, CFCP
Rosemary Clements, CFCP

Christine Cimo Hemphill, President –Elect
Sr. Candace Fier, VP for Ethics & Standards
Sally Zaleski, VP for Planning & Development
Brigitte Dieman, Publications Chairperson

Last updated: 12/23/2020

The Chairman accepts the resolutions proposed by any Active Member of the Academy in good standing for vote at the annual meeting. The Committee reviews the proposed Resolutions and may call witnesses to testify, revise, amend, and adopt those worthy of consideration. The resolutions are discussed and voted on at the Annual Business meeting.
Motions to rescind a previous resolution are submitted to the Resolutions Committee Chairman and go through the same process.

Members of Resolutions Committee:
Chair: Dr. Christine Cimo Hemphill ~ as President-Elect
Kathy Blascyk
Sr. Candice Fier


Last updated: 11/3/2020

The Science and Research Committee receive, investigate and reviews scientific methodological and behavioral matters pertaining to FertilityCare and natural family planning. This committee calls for abstracts through the AAFCP website and other NFP, Diocesan and Medical groups. The committee reviews the abstracts that are submitted. The committee also does literature searches for positional papers which may be included in the review. The committee then will decide what papers will be considered for the awards with guidelines developed for the review of these papers. Papers receiving the awards will be printed in the Annual Meeting program book and the Committee presents the papers selected and announces the outstanding research paper award during the Science and Research session of the Annual Meeting.

The committee consists of a chairman who is an active member of the AAFCP in good standing, who has specialized expertise in the scientific, methodological and/or behavioral research aspect of FertilityCare and natural family planning and no more than seven other members who also have the same specialized expertise. Members serve a term of three years.

Members of Science and Research Committee:

Chair: Robert Chasuk, MD, CFCMC 

Julia Cataudella, MD, CCFP, NFPMC, FCP
Eileen Sirois, CNM, CFCP, CFCMC
Maria Wolfs, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, NFPMC
Elizabeth Tham, MD, CCFP, FCFP, CFCMC
Catherine Keefe, MD, CFCMC, 
Lorena Perez Ferrer, MD

Last updated: 12/23/2020

Members of Scholarship Committee:

Chair: Jamie Hobor, CFCP, Financial Officer

Alicia Crete, BS, CFCP, CFCE, COC Chair
Lindy Meyer, CFCP, VP for Membership
Christine Cimo Hemphill, MD, CFCMC, FCI, President-Elect
Peter Danis, MD, CFCMC


Last updated: 11/3/2020

Ad Hoc Committee


The mission of this committee is to explore reimbursement opportunities for the FertilityCare Practitioner. We have developed materials for insurance companies to introduce them to Creighton Model FertilityCare Services and achieved inclusion CPT codes in the ICD9 code book specifically for NFP to avoid and to achieve pregnancy. Our focus for the past few years has included establishing business practices for the profession, currently with development of business plans for various models providing FertilityCare services. We are currently working with the Catholic Health Association in exploring the possibility of Creighton Model FertilityCare System being covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Members of Third Party Reimbursement Committee:
Chair  – Vacant
Theresa Schortgen, CFCE
Eileen Sirois, CFCMC, CFCP
Margaret Howard, CFCE
Anne Olek, CFCE

Physician Subcommittee:
Leslie Chorun, MD, CFCMC, FCP

Last updated: 6/21/2019