Practitioner, Instructor, Supervisor, and Educator Certification

Apply, renew, pay fees and FAQ

Please Follow the Steps to Certification


Application Reviewers are decided by the applicant’s last name and geographic locale. If you live in North America, please find the first letter of your last name below to determine your Application Reviewer. If you live anywhere outside North America, your Application Reviewer is visible in the last tab.



If you have questions while you are filling out your application, please email your Application Reviewer for assistance.

A-D Reviewer (North American applicants only)



Marilyn Wachs, CFCP 

E-M Reviewer (North American applicants only)



Alicia Crete, CFCP

N-S Reviewer (North American applicants only)



Jenny Craft, CFCP

T-Z Reviewer (North American applicants only)



Sylvia Heald, CFCP

International Applicants (Those living outside of North America only)



Becky Knapp, CFCE


  • Combine your fully completed application and all supporting documents into a single PDF.
  • Send your completed application by email to your Application Reviewer (see Step 1).
  • Pay the Certification fee through the AAFCP Online Store: Members Store | Non-members Store

Continuing Education Courses & Credit Tracking for Academy Members

I received a certificate when I completed my Academy accredited education program. Why do I need certification?

The program certificate attests to satisfactory completion of your education. Academy certification is a recognition by your peers that you are a provider of FertilityCare who independently continues the quality services that you began while under supervision. Certification is a measure of competence nationally recognized by other health professionals. It documents adherence to the Code of Ethics, Academy standards and participation in continuing education activities.

What types of certification are available?
Instructor, Practitioner, Supervisor, Educator and Medical Consultant are all forms of certification through the Academy.
Why isn’t Academy certification automatic when I have completed my education program?

The American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals is an organization that is separate and distinct from your education program. You must actively teach 10 new clients following successful completion of your Academy accredited education program.

For how long is certification effective?
Certification lasts four years, after which time you may apply for renewal of certification.
Are there any benefits to certification?

Absolutely! Certification is an educational process that promotes self review and gives the full benefits of peer-review. Professionalism, integrity and credibility among clients, other professionals and peers are certainly additional benefits. Some teachers receive higher salaries once they are certified. Moreover, you are eligible for voting membership in the Academy.

Do I need to be certified to be a member of the Academy?

Certification is necessary in order to apply for voting membership status. There are other classes of membership—student and associate—which do not require Academy certification. However, voting members may vote, serve on committees and commissions and be elected to the board of directors.

Why must I pay a certification fee with my application?
Applications for certification are reviewed by the Commission on Certification. The fee is used toward necessary expenses, such as secretarial, postage, copying, travel, meetings, phone calls and supplies.