Becky Knapp, CFCE

Chairman for Commission on Certification
Becky Knapp began serving as Chairman of the Commission on Certification in July 2017.  She completed the Practitioner Education Program in 1995 and was certified as a FertilityCare Practitioner in 1997.  Becky served as President of the AAFCP in 2005. She completed the Educator Program in 2012 and was certified in 2013. She is the Program Coordinator of NFP for the Office of Marriage & Family Life for the Diocese of Wichita.  She currently serves as the Responsible Practitioner for FertilityCare Services Catholic Diocese of Wichita FertilityCare Center and as Director of FertilityCare Services Diocese of Wichita Practitioner Education Program and she is a supervision faculty member of Pope Paul VI Institute, in Omaha, Nebraska.

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