Peter Danis, MD, CFCMC

Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors


Peter Danis is a family physician and a Certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant. He became President-Elect of the AAFCP in 2013.  He is Chairman of Family Medicine at Mercy Hospital St. Louis, Faculty member of Mercy Family Medicine Residency, and Clinical Professor of St. Louis University School of Medicine.  He enjoys sharing knowledge about fertility awareness and the medical/surgical applications with students, physicians, and other health care professionals.  He has a Masters in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  He is grateful for his vocations as husband, father, physician, teacher, and leader.
  • Nominations Committee

St. Louis, MO, USA

  • PETER DANIS served as the thirtieth-first President
  • KAREN HEMINGWAY served as the thirtieth President
  • DORICE MILLAR served as the twenty-ninth President
  • PAUL CARPENTIER served as the twenty-eighth President
  • JEAN GOLDEN-TEVALD served as the twenty-seventh President
  • MAUREEN DUHN served as the twenty-sixth President
  • PAUL KORTZ served as the twenty-fifth President
  • ANGELIQUE GARCIA served as the twenty-fourth President
  • REBECCA KNAPP served as the twenty-third President
  • MICHELE CHAMBERS served as the twenty-second President
  • KATHY BLASCYK, served as the twenty-first President
  • LESLIE CHORUN, served as the twentieth President
  • MARIA PERKINS, served as the nineteenth President
  • GRETA LONGHINI, served as the eighteenth President
  • MARGARET YATES, served as the seventeenth President
  • JOSEPH STANFORD, served as the sixteenth President
  • LINDA CADY, served as the fifteenth President
  • JEANICE VINDUSKA, served as the fourteenth President
  • JULIANNA JERVIS, served as the thirteenth President
  • JEAN PACKARD, served as the twelfth President
  • DONNA VONDRAK, served as the eleventh President
  • CHARMAINE CAMPANINI, served as the tenth President
  • PHYLLIS WHITE, served as the ninth President
  • RICHARD FEHRING, served as the eighth President
  • KATHY RIVET, served as the seventh President
  • SANDY GEARHART, served as the sixth President
  • SHIRLEY HOEFLER, served as the fifth President
  • MARGARITA MENDOZA, served as the fourth President
  • ANN PREBIL, served as the third President
  • NANCY SPIELMAN, served as the second President
  • K. DIANE DALY, served as the first President

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