Theresa Schortgen, RN, CFCP, CFCE

President of the Board of Directors
Theresa Schortgen, RN, CFCP, CFCE has been married to Chris for 38 years. They are grateful to God for gifting them 5 children, and 16 grandchildren. Chris and Theresa completed the two year Education-for-Ministry (EfM) sponsored by OSV through the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese back in 2006.
Together, as a lay couple, they have hosted high school and college-aged youth groups, sponsored workshops on infertility, PMS, and PCOD, led programs designed for engaged couples, taught in the Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults, and led a retreat for teens with Down syndrome.
As a board member and an AAFCP colleague, she remains passionate about FertilityCare and is dedicated to listening to Academy members’ insights that strengthen and promote FC and NaPro everywhere. The drive that motivates the Board of Directors to advance this allied health profession for all members and their clients/patients is evident in two particular areas: the Annual Meeting and Continuing Education (CE) webinars. With Academy members continued support we continue to widen our audience. Humanae Vitae (HV) is what unites us, and the fiftieth anniversary of HV promises to embolden the vast array of Creighton Model’s possibilities – known, practiced, and those yet to be discovered. In regards to CE, many members and non-members have already provided interactive educational videos for Academy members. As an Academy Member, these videos are free and stored for easy access. They are available 24/7. Look for communication on upcoming CE webinars in the President’s monthly email, along with CE registration information. If you are unable to attend a live CE webinar, visit and please send us your feedback.
She is honored serve as your AAFCP President for the next two years – 2017-2019.
  • Executive Committee
  • Commission on Accreditation
  • Commission on Certification
  • Commission on FertilityCare Centers of Excellence
  • Commission on Quality Assurance
  • Legislative Committee
  • Ad Hoc Committee for 3rd Party Reimbursement


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