Our Mission is to foster, advance, and promote the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTECHNOLOGY through service, education, research, and leadership.

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Your 2020-2021 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors recently met in South Bend, IN and attended Mass at the Sacred Heart Basilica at the University of Notre Dame.

Front Row:
Christine Cimo Hemphill, President Elect
Lindy Meyer, VP for Membership
Sally Zaleski, VP for Planning and Development

Back Row:
Jamie Hobor, Financial Officer
Michele Chambers, President
Sister Candace Fier, VP for Ethics & Standards

I recently received my Certificate of Completion from St. Pope Paul VI Institute, what can I do to stay actively involved in the Academy?
1. Attend the Annual Meeting

Visit the Annual Meeting page to learn more about our Annual Meeting.

Visit the Sponsor Message campaign page in the subheading section of the Annual Meeting page for financial opportunities to attend the Annual Meeting.

2. Become an Academy Member

Dues are due annually January 1. Visit Become a Member or contact membership@aafcp.net regarding your questions to become a Voting Member or an Associate Member.

3. Apply for Certification as a FertilityCare Instructor, Practitioner, or MC

Practitioner/Instructors, visit the Instructor Practitioner page to learn about the requirements and download the application.
The Commissioner on Certification can be reached at: certification@aafcp.net.

Medical Consultants, visit the Medical Consultants page to learn about requirements and view the application.
MCs contact: certificationfcmc.aafcp.net.

Each page has a helpful FAQ section.

4. Join a committee.

Visit Council, Committee and Commission page to explore each committee and how to become a Committee member or a Chair. Then depending on the requirements, your skills, your availability, and the Committee’s needs, you can target where you can become actively involved.

5. Become a FertilityCare Center of Excellence.

Click FertilityCare Centers of Excellence to learn more about the Academy’s FCCE or email centers@aafcp.net.

6. Promote Practitioner training programs

Visit our Education Program page and tell a family member, friend, colleague, nursing or medical student.

7 Send your questions and comments to us.

Visit our Board of Directors page, click on the name of the member you would like to contact or send an email from our Contact Us page, or email aafcpaa@aafcp.net your questions.